About the project

LinkBuilder.AI - is the AI-based CRM serving outreach purposes. It was founded in 2020. Our mission
is to provide linkbuilders with a convenient and efficient tool for promoting their projects.

The core of our service is the patented algorithm. It finds purchasable backlinks right in search engine result pages. We use several neural networks for that. One of them analyzes a site’s code and text. Another one works with screenshots. We gather this data and determine websites with a high possibility to buy
a backlink on.

Why Linkbuilder.AI
Unique source of backlinks
We find purchasable backlinks that are hard to find on popular forums, stocks or by analyzing competitors. No other tool on the market gives such a possibility.
Quality links
We find purchasable backlinks that have high positions and high traffic for your target keywords. It speaks for their high quality and compliance with your niche. We provide the possibility to analyze sites by dozens of SEO metrics.
Quality links
We offer the easy-to-use tool automating your communication with sites’ owners, featuring a convenient interface with various templates for different projects.